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Our Lakewood

Issues and Policies

Stronger, Safer, and Greener!



Lakewood continues to build an inclusive community and I will work to ensure all people feel welcome and safe in our city.

• Exploring the latest in inclusive hiring
using my experience from Cornell University's Diversity and Inclusion certificate program


Public Safety

Public Safety means safe streets and safe neighborhoods.

• Expand the co-responder program
• Maintain and expand bike lanes
• Develop and implement a strategy for using used police cruisers at strategic locations to discourage speeding without significant human capital costs



We need to continue to support our business community to protect jobs and city revenue.

• Protect our reserve fund
• Continue to advocate for CARES ACT and similar support from the state and federal governments for our businesses
• Explore ways to identify strategies to maintain our fiscal stregnth

Issues and Policies: Issues

Our Lakewood

Issues and Policies


The Environment

The Stakes are high. We need to revitalize our Sustainability Plan to protect our present and our future.


Budget and Finance

The pandemic has challenged our city's finances in many ways. We need to work together to lead Lakewood back from the pandemic and into the future.



We have beautiful parks in Lakewood and we should continue to support the maintenance of these parks and continue to purchase open space when it's available and economically feasible.

Issues and Policies: Issues
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