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Endorsements and Testimonials: Pro Gallery

Endorsements and Testimonials

Copy of Endorsement-2021 (1).png

“As a small businesswoman, a former Colorado State Representative, and as your Jeffco Commissioner, I know the importance of efficient government and good leadership. That’s why I’m endorsing Tom Keefe to represent Ward 5 of the Lakewood City Council.”


Jeffco Commissioner

District 1

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“Tom Keefe has spent considerable time ensuring so many students explore and share their histories, especially the discussions needed to foster community. He will  bring the same integrity, diplomacy, and candor to the Lakewood City Council.”


“The Vamp DeVille”

Denver Area Artist

Copy of Endorsement-2021.png

“I am so honored to announce my endorsement of Tom Keefe as the next councilor to represent Ward 5 on our Lakewood City Council! Tom will bring honesty, integrity, 
and years of experience to our City Council!”


Lakewood City Councilor

Ward 2

Endorsements and Testimonials: Testimonials

Endorsements and Testimonials

Copy of Endorsement-2021 (9).png

“Tom ensures that all people have a seat at the table with enough room to share diverse thoughts. He values community, diversity, and ownership in making change. Tom is not only a leader but a true advocate for the change we need. I am enthusiastic to support Tom Keefe for Lakewood City Council and honored that he will represent our Ward 5!!”


Public Health Professional

Ward 5 Resident

Copy of Endorsement-2021 (2).png

“I am endorsing Tom Keefe for Lakewood City Council. Tom has a focus on revitalizing the Lakewood Sustainability Plan in order to reduce water evaporation, reduce energy costs, and put money back into working families' budgets.  He is a dedicated professional and wants to see Lakewood succeed. I believe that Tom has the temperament and vision to lead Lakewood forward!!”


Jefferson County Coroner

Copy of Endorsement-2021 (4).png

“I’ve known Tom Keefe for quite a few years now. I totally support him; we need more leaders as competent. thoughtful, and caring as Tom.”


Lakewood Resident

Endorsements and Testimonials: Testimonials

Endorsements and Testimonials

My Post (3).png

"Tom Keefe is an excellent communicator and listener. He strives to always understand the people’s best interest when it comes to discussing issues and coming to decisions or solutions. I know Tom Keefe would make an excellent city counselor."


Ward 5 Resident

My Post (12).png

I am excited to endorse Tom Keefe for Lakewood City Council; Tom is reflective of the values, experience, and compassion necessary to excel in government and bring transformative change at the local level!"


Candidate for Westminster City Council

My Post (5).png

“I am honored to endorse Tom Keefe for Lakewood City Council. Tom’s leadership and commitment to equity and inclusion make him someone I am proud to support. His integrity, experience, and stance on policy make Tom someone who will represent Ward 5 well.”


Jeffco Resident

Endorsements and Testimonials: Testimonials

Endorsements and Testimonials

Endorsements-2021 (9).png

“Tom has strong community values, combined with a passion for consensus-building. His policy knowledge, character, and temperament will help lead Lakewood forward.”


Ward 5 Resident

Instructor at Metro State

Endorsement-2021 (5).png

“I have had the pleasure to work with Tom and appreciate his work ethics, leadership abilities, and knowledge of Lakewood’s needs.  Being an active community volunteer is important to him and proves that he is involved within the community.  Tom is approachable, engaging, which makes him a favorite within the Lakewood and Jeffco communities.  I feel that Tom Keefe will accomplish many things representing Ward  in the Lakewood City Council.  Please join me in supporting Tom for Lakewood!”


Jeffco Resident

Copy of Endorsement-2021 (5).png

“It is a pleasure for me to endorse Tom Keefe for the Lakewood City Council. Tom was a dedicated and committed member of the City of Warwick’s Diversity Committee when I was Mayor. His commitment to diversity, affordable housing, sustainability, and appropriate development will help guide Lakewood for years to come. He will well and faithfully serve the people of Lakewood.”


CEO, Rhode Island Public Transit Authority

Mayor of Warwick, Rhode Island (2000-2018)

Warwick City Counselor (R-Ward 1)

Endorsements and Testimonials: Testimonials

Endorsements and Testimonials

Endorsement-2021 (3).png

"Tom has values, intelligence, leadership, and compassion. That's why I'm proud to endorse him for Lakewood City Council!"


Kentucky Commissioner of Education

fmr. Superintendent Jefferson County Public Schools


"As Jefferson County Treasurer and Public Trustee, I am excited to endorse Tom Keefe for city council because I know he will be a fiscally prudent leader regarding the Lakewood city budget and will look out for the taxpayers' hard-earned tax dollars."

Jeffco Treasurer Jerry DiTullio


"Building on the strongest, smartest, greenest Lakewood means electing leaders with the vision, experience, and determination to make it happen. I know Tom Keefe will work together with community leaders across Lakewood and beyond to help solve out biggest local and regional issues collaboratively. I wholeheartedly endorse Tom Keefe for Lakewood City Council!"

Rep. Shannon Bird

Endorsements and Testimonials: Testimonials
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